LGND Ambassador: Model and Fitness Favorite Philip Fusco’s Attitude is Contagious

When Philip Fusco looks in the mirror, he sees drive, discipline and years of hard work. Not one to give up easily, Philip’s relentless pursuit of his goals is nothing less than contagious to those around him. As someone who exemplifies LGND’s Leave Your Mark philosophy, Philip is the latest ambassador to join the LGND team.

Today, he’s an in-demand model with a growing fitness training program and loyal following online (he has nearly 140k followers on Instagram). It’s obvious that Philip is on his way up in both the fitness and modeling world, even making an occasional foray into acting.

Philip FuscoPhilip started modeling when he was 17. He’s since experienced success in the industry, having appeared in fashion and men’s fitness magazines. Philip is currently represented by HBM Models.  Behind the magazine covers and photoshoots are years of hard work to build the life Philip lives. And while it’s hard to believe now, Philip hated the way he looked growing up. But all that changed when he was invited by a friend to work out at the gym. From that day on – he was hooked. It wasn’t only a way to change his appearance, but a way to challenge himself. Each day at the gym, he grew a little more confident.

Going to the gym became a ritual for Philip. He started to get stronger and joined wrestling, boxing and lacrosse. As he started seeing progress in both the gym and in sports, he set goals for himself: each one more challenging than the last. He realized the everyday dedication began paying off, physical and mentally.

Fitness didn’t only help Philip feel more comfortable in his own body and help him take on modeling world. Philip also witnessed a mental shift: fitness catalyzed a journey to self-acceptance, self-confidence and self-fulfillment. His willingness to stick to his goals and build connections with others translated into other aspects of his life outside of fitness, helping him succeed in a competitive and cutthroat industry.

“Once you start to see everything that you’re achieving, I believe personally that other parts of your life, your job, your relationships, are going to improve as well,” says Philip. “It starts with the right mindset, one that says you can achieve what you want.”

Philip Fusco“Fitness helped me take from a little kid to who I am now,” Philip says. “It can help anyone get to any place they want in their life, mentally and physically.”It's a philosophy he hopes to share with anyone who’s willing to listen. With an intention to share his own story and experience with others, Philip built a robust training program. Many of his clients are older, are recovering from injuries or have preexisting conditions. Philip enjoys working with them on a fitness and lifestyle regimen that not only helps them physically, but mentally and emotionally, too.

That’s how Philip leaves his mark: not by just pursuing your own dreams, but helping others pursue theirs as well.