LGND Ambassador: Moziah Pinder Defines Strength as Showing Up and Reaching Out

Strength isn’t only about how much you can lift. It’s also about the ability to get up every day with an unyielding focus on achieving your goals. True strength is relentlessly pursuing the life you envision and helping others do the same. Moziah Pinder, LGND’s newest Ambassador, knows this fact well.

At 16, Moziah found himself in a run-down gym in the United Kingdom. It was far from a modern or trendy place to be seen – but something about it caught Moziah’s attention. It was a place where people could go to truly be themselves and, in turn, support and lift each other up.

“I started training at a time in my life when it was difficult to focus and build confidence,” says Moziah. “The gym was the one place I could go where I felt like I belonged.”

He started training religiously and discovered physical fitness was one aspect of his life that kept him grounded and focused, and he began to build more confidence. He certainly noticed the physical changes but noted an improved perspective as well – fitness quickly became a passion. The gym symbolized time to zero in on his own self-improvement and, eventually, a place to give back to the community that welcomed him in with open arms.

Moziah Pinder

Moziah’s distinct determination stood out and others encouraged him to compete in men’s physical fitness competitions. Despite expressing hesitation at first, he was an immediate success and won both his first and second shows. These wins represented a life-changing moment for Moziah. As his confidence and expertise continued to grow, he began posting his workouts and tips on Instagram. Today, he’s one of the most recognizable faces in the U.K. fitness community with an Instagram following steadily growing to more than 154k. He uses the platform to provide inspiration and motivation to other aspiring athletes.

As an in-demand competitor, Moziah has been contacted by several companies for brand partnerships. But he’s pickier than most about which companies he promotes.

“I refuse to work with a brand if I don’t have symmetry with them and shared goals,” Moziah explains. “If you both have the same goal, you win.”

When Moziah found LGND, the brand’s “Leave Your Mark” motto and the founders’ stories resonated with him immediately. He knew this was a movement he could get behind.

Moziah Pinder

“To me, [Leave Your Mark] is about being able to execute on opportunities you’re given in life,” Moziah says. “I’ve been blessed to spread a message that no matter where you come from, strength is something you create for yourself, and mental strength is more important than people think.”

Moziah puts action behind his words, too. He has built a comprehensive training program to help others along their own fitness journeys. He enjoys being able to help others seize their own life opportunities, developing programs for a wide diversity of clientele, including men and women, those with dietary restrictions and all experience levels. He brings empathy and patience to his client interactions, knowing that physical fitness takes time and plenty of work.

True strength is not only from the physical body, but also from the heart and the mind. And when it comes to showing up and supporting others – putting the Leave Your Mark philosophy into action – Moziah is nothing short of exemplary.