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LGND Ambassador: Rising Star Jesse Madrigal Has the Courage to Connect and Create Community

It’s easy to give up. It’s a lot harder to stick to your goals, set the bar high and commit to everyday improvement – and Jesse Madrigal has chosen the harder route. With a steadfast focus on what matters, he’s the ideal addition to the expanding LGND team.

From the get-go, Jesse was an athlete. It kept him occupied through his childhood and adolescence, with stints in multiple sports along the way. He enjoyed the reward, the camaraderie and the constant improvement. He particularly enjoyed basketball, but when he reached college, he wasn’t quite tall enough to qualify for teams – but his mindset remained the same. He wondered: where else could he channel his energy to feel fulfilled, inspired and connected to those around him?

Jesse Madrigal

That’s when a suggestion to explore competitive fitness took Jesse’s life in a new direction. Alongside being a dedicated criminology student with sights set on working for the FBI, Jesse began working out and looking for competitions during his sophomore year of college. Even as an underdog, he impressed the judges and placed first in all three of his initial physique shows. It was only up from there: Jesse has competed with NPC for three years and continues to gain positive attention in the physique world.

What does it take to experience consistent success like Jesse? He says: “Hard work, discipline, dedication and not giving in when you feel weak.”

It’s true there are days when working out is at the very bottom of your to-do list. There are moments when an unhealthy meal looks and sounds so good. There are times when it seems like the easiest thing to do is to just give up altogether. Jesse’s been there – but he knows it’s that self-discipline, control and motivation that leads to ultimate achievement. Plus, he wants to motivate others to find that same passion within themselves.

With a new online coaching program and growing social media presence, Jesse is inspiring athletes all over to meet their fitness goals.

“I help motivate and inspire a lot of people who don’t think they can change their physiques,” Jesse says. “I break it down into simple steps – how to meet a long-term goal through smaller, manageable pieces.” 

Through coaching, Jesse works with people who may struggle with their self-confidence or feel like their goals are insurmountable. His patient mentorship gives others the motivation and confidence they need to succeed. It’s part of how he leaves his mark: instead of sending out “cookie-cutter” meal plans or workouts, he takes the time to develop a personal connection with his clients.

That’s really what LGND is all about – and Jesse immediately recognized kindred spirits in founders Patrick Dancy and Chris Stevens. He saw that LGND wasn’t only a shoe company, but a vision for a better future. Jesse, as the newest LGND ambassador, is pushing this mission forward.