LGND Ambassador: Sammy Collier’s Vision is Rooted in Community and Shared Achievement

Bringing a wealth of life experience to the table, Sammy Collier wants to help others become the best versions of themselves. Sammy’s authenticity, determination and desire to have a positive impact on the world – and consistently supporting those around him – make him an ideal LGND ambassador.

The first thing many people notice about Sammy is his passionate energy. If you’re looking for inspiration or a pep talk – Sammy’s your guy. He exudes a positivity and a willingness to “get real” that can be hard to find. It’s clear that he’s dedicated to self-improvement, but he regards community-building and honesty in the same regard. That’s part of what makes Sammy stand out online. He offers plenty of fitness and health inspiration, but there’s also a healthy dose of family and relationship content, too. His 161k Instagram followers are given unwavering honesty, authenticity and value: a well-rounded look into the life of an individual who has worked hard to get where he is today.

Sammy Collier

Starting off his career with GNC, Sammy has spent much of his adult life focused on health and wellness. At GNC, he began exploring his own approach to fitness and began competitively bodybuilding with NPC. Getting some serious attention in the industry, Sammy co-founded a supplement company. But he wasn’t satisfied with simply slinging sales or working behind-the-scenes. Instead, Sammy became the face of the brand. He didn’t only represent the company with his impressive physical stature, but also shared a deeper philosophy about supporting your community and giving back. He became an immediately recognizable face in the fitness and bodybuilding world, which he has leveraged to share his philosophy with the world.

Eventually, Sammy outgrew the company and decided to set off on his own. With his own business, Sammy was confident he could make even more of a positive impact; not only on the people around him, but the world. He’s partnered with his wife, Shailey (also a well-known influencer and fitness role model) to start their own business and brand, Collier Fit Fam, launching December 1, 2019. The first product released within the brand is Fit Couples 101, a program that explores how to work out as a couple and achieve optimum health alongside your number one.  

“It’s not only about working out,” Sammy explains. “But it is also shows that fitness can strengthen and enhance your relationships.”

Sammy Collier

Finding his own philosophy aligned closely with LGND’s Leave Your Mark ethos, Sammy immediately connected with the brand and its founders. Naturally, a partnership based in shared values emerged.

Connecting with others is at the core of everything Sammy does, whether it’s with his wife and family, other businesses, those who invest in his training program or even people he encounters at the gym. Sammy personally understands the importance of putting positive energy into the world, because chances are, it will circle back around. Building a community around that camaraderie, connection and mutual support takes time – and he’s willing to make it happen.