LGND Ambassador: Up-and-Coming Model Assad Shalhoub Forges His Own Creative Path

Assad Shalhoub is a poster child for pursuing your own truth. With a steadfast dedication to his values, goals and constant self-improvement, it’s fitting that Assad is LGND’s newest Ambassador. He sees the LGND shoes as a reminder of his past, a representation of his passion in the present and a symbol for what he could accomplish in the future.

A creative at heart, Assad has always been drawn to the world of arts and entertainment. But, at one time, he didn’t think a creative profession was in the cards. Things weren’t always easy for Assad – his parents were displaced by the Lebanese Civil War and moved to Canada. Assad was born there and, shortly after, his family moved again to Detroit.

Assad ShalhoubGrowing up, Assad was a talented athlete, playing football throughout his school years. Always physically fit, Assad started exploring the world of modeling casually on social media. He thought of modeling as more of a dream or, at best, a hobby. It was something to do on the side. Whether it was because of his own high standards for himself or societal expectations, as he reached adulthood, he saw medical school as the logical next step.Assad recognizes how hard it was for his parents, but for him, they’re also an everyday inspiration. As a first-generation American, Assad deeply understands the value of hard work, commitment and working toward a goal. It’s not always easy, but it’s small successes along the way that make it worth it.

But the creative pull was too strong, and Assad realized he wasn’t going to be truly fulfilled unless he pursued his passion of being a model. He was good at it – and he was starting to gain traction online, too. He decided to go all-in and started building relationships with modeling agencies. After years of working hard every day to build a modeling career from the ground up, he was able to relocate to Los Angeles where more opportunities awaited him.

The hard work paid off: now Assad has more than 40k followers on Instagram and contracts with Industry Model Management as well as NTA Model Management.

After settling into a new life in Los Angeles, Assad connected with LGND founders Patrick Dancy and Chris Stevens as creative individuals who also expressed ambitious plans.

Assad ShalhoubHe sees LGND as a symbol for people like him who have defeated the odds to get where they are today. Assad is all about getting real and staying grounded – even in a highly competitive industry like modeling. Though his profession is focused on physical appearance, Assad emphasizes that passion and drive – following one’s own path – are even more integral to success.

“I love the hustle and grittiness of trying to make it out here in LA,” says Assad. “That’s why I want to really support up-and-coming brands – I know what it’s like to work hard to make your goals a reality.”