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Multinational Sales Pro, Bodybuilder and Dad Justin Tidd Joins the LGND Ambassador Circle

Growing up poor in West Virginia didn’t stop Justin Tidd from pursuing his life’s path with unparalleled determination. He’s now a Chief Sales Officer and a board member for the multinational manufacturing company, Becker Global, married to a beautiful wife and is a dad to four. Every day, Justin commits himself to helping at least one person, even in a small way – and that’s a philosophy we can definitely get behind. We’re honored to bring Justin into the circle of LGND Ambassadors.

Justin knows what it’s like to feel like your goals are impossibly far away. But he also knows what it’s like to put your all toward achieving them, while also seeking out a supportive network. Growing up, Justin was fortunate to have mentors who helped him realize his own talents and inner strength. With laser-focus, Justin made his way through college and eventually earned an MBA. Today, he finds himself the leader of a sales team with a reach across the globe. Justin now wants to pay it forward by mentoring others – whether they’re high-performing professionals, his 12.4k followers on Instagram, his community or his kids.

To expand his reach, Justin joined business leadership group, The Arete Syndicate, with more than 3,000 members. The organization is built around continually finding ways to help others, rather than simply promoting themselves.

“I take any situation that I’ve learned from and try to share that experience with others,” Justin explains. “I always try to be vulnerable and transparent. If I make a difference in someone’s day or their life, then I feel like I’m winning.”

With a hard-working and focused attitude like that, it comes as no surprise that Justin is also a successful athlete and competitive bodybuilder. His goal? Become an IFBB Pro before 2022, and he’s well on his way to making this dream a reality. What’s inspiring about Justin’s journey is not only the progress he’s already made, but his unfailing positive outlook and passion to succeed. In addition, Justin is an example for how mutual motivation can help you accomplish even the highest goals. His other half, Felicia, is also a talented bodybuilder. It’s obvious Justin and Felicia are consistently pushing each other to keep their sights high and to be the best versions of themselves – in bodybuilding as well as parenting.

“Being athletes is really important to me and my family,” says Justin. “Competing takes a conscious decision to train and get better. Felicia and I want to show our kids what the real world looks like, and show how their decisions impact their lives.”  

Justin and Felicia had been following LGND for a while, first exposed to our brand through coach, dedicated family man and LGND Ambassador AJ Ellison. Justin loved the look of the boots and appreciated LGND’s authentic tone and focus on building strong relationships. Justin embodies the LGND motto by bringing intention and purpose to every aspect of his life. We’re lucky to have Justin as the newest Ambassador on board.