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Patrick Dancy Discusses the Intersection of Passion and Purpose on Natalie Barron’s Podcast, Lead Your Life

LGND cofounder Patrick Dancy was invited to speak on podcast Lead Your Life, hosted by life coach and entrepreneur Natalie Barron. During the podcast, Patrick describes his life’s journey leading to LGND, including the challenges he’s overcome, discovering his purpose and pursuing his individual path with passion.

Patrick is a former actor and, as he describes on the podcast, Hollywood was cutthroat, requiring an unbreakable resilience and self-confidence. Yet, Patrick was highly successful in the entertainment biz, appearing on shows like The Guys Next Door and Family Matters. Later, he entered the business world with his father. Then, after that, spearheaded the LGND brand.

While certainly talented, Patrick says it’s his stubbornness and an ability to believe in oneself that kept him going and eventually led him to his achievements in the entertainment and business worlds. He also emphasizes the value of a strong support network of like-minded individuals. The personal philosophy Patrick shares on Lead Your Life connects directly to the LGND mission. As Patrick explains, Leave Your Mark is about recognizing one’s unique passion and purpose.  

Lead Your Life is an engaging and fascinating new podcast, with Natalie Barron conducting inspiring interviews with leaders, creatives and entrepreneurs. Through these conversations, the mom, life coach, entrepreneur and 30-year corporate veteran helps listeners identify their own gifts and define success on their own terms.

Listen to the full podcast here