Pro Wrestlers King’s Ran$om Leave Their Mark In and Out of the Ring

Two imposing figures enter the wrestling ring under flashing lights and the crowd erupts into thunderous cheers. Nearly identical, with long black dreads, broad muscular shoulders and helmets depicting gold, snarling lions, they’re an intimidating pair for any opponent who dares to challenge them. They’re Kings Ran$om – tag team and brothers Leoni$ and Maximu$ Khan – and, if they’ve made anything obvious, they’re here to win.

They’re among the most promising up-and-coming wrestlers. The brothers carry themselves with confidence and determination. On Instagram, both Maximu$ and Leoni$ Khan have attracted nearly 20,000 followers. As successful and ambitious athletes with a growing fanbase, the brothers were intrigued by LGND’s “Leave Your Mark” ethos. For them, leaving their mark meant becoming some of the best wrestlers to enter the ring. Already, they’re making an impact on wrestling circuits with their foreboding presence and memorable alter egos; the two have been featured on ESPN and continually win match after match, building a solid reputation as formidable opponents and embodying the dominance and fearless leadership of the lion.

Growing up in Ohio, watched wrestling religiously. They couldn’t get enough of the display of sheer athleticism and strength, the elaborate costumes and unforgettable performances. To them, wrestlers were just like superheroes – they idolized stars like Road Warrior Hawk and Road Warrior Animal, who made up the World Wrestling Federation tag team Legion of Doom. Eventually, the brothers who now make up Kings Ran$om drifted away from their original passion for wrestling and played other sports, primarily football – yet, on the field, their competitive personalities and unyielding desire to win crystallized.

Then, as adults, fate stepped in. While working in Las Vegas, Maximu$ and Leoni$ were approached by a former wrestler who recognized their undeniable potential. He helped the brothers secure a few tryouts and events, even connecting them with a wrestling coach.

“Our coach helped us discover who we were really meant to be,” Leoni$ explains. “He asked us what we loved about wrestling as kids, which inspired us to form Kings Ran$om. We were always into the strong personas and gimmicks and were attracted to wrestlers who weren’t afraid of the spotlight.”

Aspects of the brothers’ childhood have helped create the characters they play in the ring. Their lion headpieces are akin to football helmets and they have a similar, showstopping presence as the renowned Legion of Doom. They tap into the warrior mindset that takes over when playing football or wrestling – to them, it’s like going into battle with everything at stake.

Just as the brothers were inspired and energized by wrestlers they watched on TV as kids, Maximu$ and Leoni$ acknowledge their unique position to move others to pursue their own dreams. Pro wrestling requires a level of commitment and determination rarely seen in other professions – both qualities that the two exhibit and encourage in others. Whether it’s through their online presence or when they defeat competitors in the squared circle, they give the impression that truly anything is possible with hard work and dedication.

“Whatever it is that you love, be the best at it,” says Leoni$. “Be a leader and take the first steps on your own path. Once you commit to chasing what you love, everything else falls into place. If you’re great at it, you’re going to leave your mark.”

The brothers behind Kings Ran$om are skilled athletes who are highly committed to their vision. They’re exactly the type of leaders and individuals that LGND champions and we’re proud to include them in our roster of LGND Ambassadors.