Self-Improvement Journey Brings Chris Stevens to LGND

Self-Improvement Journey Brings Chris Stevens to LGND

Self-Improvement Journey Brings Chris Stevens to LGND

What gets you out of bed every morning?

For Chris Stevens, co-founder of LGND, it’s the constant journey of self-improvement. Each day brings new opportunities to grow, get better and be better.

Once you get to know Chris, this purpose is made clear. He’s honed 20/20 vision when it comes to identifying and pursuing goals with relentless energy. Anyone can sense his persistent momentum forward – and with Chris, there’s no looking back.


Making of the Man We Know Today

Chris’s story starts in Los Angeles, California. He grew up in a tight-knit family that valued hard work and honor. From a young age, Chris exhibited an entrepreneurial spirit and drive, pulling his weight at the family business. He was learning the ins-and-outs of running a company while his peers were busing tables and manning cash registers. Most importantly, Chris’s dad taught the importance of cultivating robust professional relationships – he didn’t do business with anyone he couldn’t connect with on the same moral ground.

As a tall and lanky teenager, Chris was drawn to all kinds of sports, especially basketball. He was a dedicated athlete who worked day in and out to perfect his dribble, layup and hook shot – but what especially drew him to the court was the sense of camaraderie he felt with his teammates. He looked nothing like the sturdy, broad-shouldered man he is today, but as a young athlete, Chris discovered his natural ability to lead a team and motivate others.  

While his interest in basketball waned as he matured, Chris’s interest in physical fitness – and the challenge that comes with it – only intensified. But he doesn’t pursue fitness just for the sake of fitness. Chris’s self-improvement journey extends beyond building muscle or beating personal records. He takes a more holistic approach to physical excellence: honing the body certainly plays a role, but in the process, he’s also sharpening his mental, emotional and spiritual capacities. It’s less about looking good and more about being good. This mindset, cultivated and reinforced in the gym, influences countless other aspects of Chris’s life, too: how can he be a better friend? A better businessman? A better leader?

Lessons Learned Along the Path of Self Improvement

The constant journey of self-improvement is no easy road to take. It’s much easier to fall into a trap of competition and comparison. But Chris would argue it’s more rewarding to build others up, rather than knocking them down. He’s the first to extend a hand to a friend in need, to shoulder others’ struggles. Chris always finds himself connecting with the underdog. He realized that others’ journeys to self-improvement were just as important as his own.

When Chris first met LGND co-founder Patrick Dancy during a fateful day at the gym, he immediately recognized their complementary philosophies when it came to life and work. They both understood how kindness and human connection could change someone’s life, that the person reaching out to others is often the strongest person in a room. The two were fueled by hitting their own physical goals, but also by encouraging others to do the same, by finding connection, camaraderie and other like-minds who expressed similar priorities. Chris and Patrick’s shared desire to help fellow gym members achieve the best versions of themselves fortified their partnership.

Along his journey to become the person he is today, Chris realized that motivation, passion and purpose are discovered from within. Even more importantly, he learned that that these inner truths could be reinforced and amplified by the unifying bonds of community. But he couldn’t wait for the community he wanted to magically appear.


Creating His Own Future

Just as Chris works tirelessly to continually improve himself, he prioritizes building strong, supportive relationships with those around him, whether it’s at the gym, at home or in the workplace. In his eyes, it’s this support network that leads to happier individuals and, more broadly, a healthier society for everyone. He and Patrick’s attitude and approach to community-building was infectious. He and Patrick’s attitude when it came to self-improvement and relationships were infectious – soon enough, they had built a space  where people weren’t afraid to be themselves, to chase their goals and to ask for help.

Chris is committed to a future where each individual is empowered to achieve their own goals. Where they can fearlessly live their own truth. Where the qualities that make each person unique are celebrated. Chris sees LGND as an essential facet of his vision – and the business is built around this philosophy. It’s not just about selling shoes – he’s leading a movement that refuses mediocrity. He sets the bar high and never lowers it. Find your own success, and encouraging others to do the same, is the bedrock of LGND. And Chris leads by example, fearlessly pursuing his goals and empowering those around him to do the same.


These qualities – his dedication, his drive, his selflessness – are at the forefront of everything Chris does. Just as he consistently pushes himself, he invigorates those around him to set their sights higher, too.

That’s what Leaving Your Mark means to Chris: know your own definition of success – and pursue your truth with all you’ve got. And if you stumble, there’s someone to help you up.