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TV Personality, Mindset Coach and Fitness Expert Clark Bartram Joins LGND Ambassadors

What does the word authenticity mean to you?

With countless influencers hawking products across social media, it can be hard to separate what’s real and what’s fake. Authenticity often feels more like a buzzword than a lifestyle. But for Clark Bartram, authenticity has retained its deepest meaning and is infused into everything he does – not only when sharing fitness advice or daily motivation on his Instagram, but as a guiding principal in life.

That’s part of why Clark was attracted to the LGND mission and its founders (the other part was that he simply loved the shoes). After learning more about the meaning behind the brand, he knew LGND aligned with his life’s trajectory and personal philosophy.

With a following of nearly 40k on Instagram alone, Clark provides online mindset coaching – helping others achieve their personal best through rewiring mindsets and adjusting perspectives. Earlier in his career, Clark earned respect in fitness circles from numerous magazine covers, his ESPN show “American Health and Fitness” and a line of fitness equipment sold on the Home Shopping Network. As a former model and TV personality, he’s charismatic and confident, yet still the type of guy you could seek out for honest advice. Clark has an ability to genuinely connect with others – and he takes the Leave Your Mark philosophy to heart.

“While I don’t consider myself an influencer, I do have a strong connection with my audience,” Clark explains. “I’m all about enthusiasm, passion and purpose, and I recognized those traits in the LGND brand and its founders.

As a kid growing up in Canton, Ohio, Clark knew he wanted to go beyond the status quo. As a Marine, he quickly impressed his superiors with dedication and drive, and went above and beyond by training other Marines. He realized he could light a fire in others to achieve what they previously thought was impossible. Clark was hooked – and realized that true fulfillment, for him, was rooted in inspiring others.

While learning the ropes of the fitness industry at 24-Hour Fitness and Gold’s Gym, Clark helped hundreds of individuals achieve their personal fitness goals. He quickly attracted serious attention – not only for his physique, but also his ambition. That’s when Clark began bodybuilding, and this organically transitioned into a wide-ranging modeling and acting career.  

It’s obvious that Clark has surpassed his childhood dream of going beyond the status quo. He has fearlessly forged his life’s path and helped others do the same. Partnering with LGND reinforces his mission.

“I’m on this earth to leave a mark,” Clark says, “and it’s so affirming to meet others with similar outlooks. It motivates you to keep moving toward your goals. Finding these authentic, dynamic connections is totally energizing.”

As an ideal embodiment of what the LGND mission really means, we’re thrilled to have Clark on the team.