Our Story

The LGND Story

The LGND philosophy, lifestyle and brand all started with a shared dream.

The Founders

When Patrick Dancy and Chris Stevens met, they recognized rare, kindred spirits. The two forged a friendship at the gym, realizing their similar priorities and paths in life. They enjoyed working out together, challenging one another, pushing one another and building up those around them. Chris and Patrick motivated each other to be the best version of themselves, in all aspects of their lives, fitness and otherwise. They encouraged each other to pursue and achieve their goals with a laser focus, each one more challenging than the last.

Patrick and Chris realized they were both seeking a community where each member could live their truth. In their ideal community, everyone is empowered to pursue their own journeys and leave their own mark on the world.

The Movement  

The two didn’t wait to start building community on their own. As natural-born leaders with an undeniable talent for bringing people together, Chris and Patrick started by simply complimenting other guys at the gym and offering guidance to newbies. They took a judgement-free approach to mentoring people who had no experience working out. Soon enough, Patrick and Chris gained a reputation for being the guys you could go to for advice or even a compassionate ear. They were the first to extend a hand to someone in need.

Before they knew it, the gym became a space for encouragement and camaraderie instead of inflated ego. The community Patrick and Chris envisioned wasn’t some far-flung daydream. It was happening right before their eyes. They saw the first sparks of a full-blown movement.  

Then Chris and Patrick wondered: what would happen when they joined forces and took their philosophy a step further? Their mutual motivation and unique skills naturally made them highly effective business partners – their shared vision of the future started becoming a true reality.

The Shoe

That’s how LGND was born. And Chris and Patrick know that taking the steps toward a better, brighter future requires the right shoes. The right shoes can make you stand up a little straighter and give you that boost of confidence to take on anything that comes your way. Patrick and Chris designed a revolutionary shoe that exists at the convergence of comfort and aesthetic. It can easily take you from the gym, to the office, to the street without missing a beat. It’s rugged, distinctive, edgy – reliably there through every step of your journey.

It started off as two guys who loved being their best selves, pursuing their journeys and supporting each other along the way. Now, it’s expanded into a movement where YOU take the lead. When slide on your LGND shoes – no matter where you’re headed – you’re making a commitment to yourself and those around you. You’re promising to live your truth, for yourself and for your community.

How will you #leaveyourmark?

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