Our Story

The LGND philosophy, lifestyle & brand is the reflection of its own mantra, Leave Your Mark

The Founder

The path to discovering your purpose is rarely straight forward. Patrick Dancy, founder of LGND Footwear, is one man who has walked that path with his head held high, fearlessly overcoming each obstacle and embracing what others may consider an uncertain future.  Where most retreat from uncertainly, the uncommon or unpredictable it is there that Patrick believes most growth and evolution happen, when you engage your will and pursue your dreams no matter how long or far.

Patrick has never needed anyone to tell him what he’s capable of; he’s never waited around for someone to give him the go-ahead. He realized the innate gifts that set him apart from the crowd and simply went for it. This is what Patrick means by Leave Your Mark. Its not anyone else’s mark to leave – you must leave it yourself. With LGND Footwear, he hopes to help others uncover and amplify these individual qualities that make each of us special – and powerful – in our own ways. In Patrick’s eyes, we are all limitless.

The Shoe

LGND Footwear was born. Inspired by the discipline, the will and desire to be the highest version of oneself. Patrick knows that taking the steps towards a new and brighter future requires the right shoes. The right shoes can make all the difference. They can make you stand up a little straighter and give you the extra pep in your step with confidence to take on anything that comes your way. Patrick designed a revolutionary shoe that exists at the convergence of comfort and aesthetic. Its distinctive, edgy - reliably there through every step of yourjourney.

It started with Patrick who loved being his best self - pursuing his journey. Now, its expanded into a movement where YOU take the lead. When you slide on your LGND shoes – no matter where you’re headed – you’re making a commitment to yourself and those around you. You’re promising to live your truth for you and your community.

Leave Your Mark.